10 Amazing Authors to Follow If You Want to Be Successful

Alex Hamm March 12, 2014 1
10 Amazing Authors to Follow If You Want to Be Successful

There are few authors worth following on a regular basis, mainly because of all the crappy work that has been placed in our world. Nevertheless, there are a select few number of authors who you should be following on frequent basis, devouring each and every one of their books. 10 of them are listed below:


1. John C. Maxwell

The author of over 30 books can’t possibly take any other spot but number 1 on this list. From The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership to The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Maxwell continues to create masterpiece after masterpiece.

In his harem of personal development guides are books on the topics of leadership, communication, personal growth, mindset, and just about any other achieving topic you can think of. If you havn’t gotten into his stuff yet, it’s time you start.


2. Jon Gordon

Jon gordon is the author of over 11 books that all have an overarching theme: Positivity.

His biggest hit, The Energy Bus, has been purchased by hundreds of thousands around the world and changed perspectives on the way your energy affects your life and the lives people around you.

What I love about Gordon’s books is that each one is a story. They all have a storyline and follow the life of a main character, while instilling lessons of life throughout the chapters.

Also in his collection are Training Camp, One Word That Will Change Your Life, The Seed, and his newest release The Carpenter.


3. Seth Godin

The world’s whackiest character is also one of the most brilliant marketers to name.

My personal favorites of his writings are Purple Cow, and Tribes. But his brilliance doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or just looking to provide a ton value through your career and life, Godin is a great author to tag along with.


4. T. Harv Eker

He’s got one book that I know of worth reading. But that book is The Secrets to the Millionaire Mind, and it’s one of the most important reads you’ll ever get your hands on regarding to money.

Learn how your thought patterns are affecting your financial status and how to mimic the thought patterns of the wealthy to transform your financial life.


5. John Baldoni

This leadership expert has got some great books regarding influence and guidance in the workplace. If you are looking to take a team to the next level or up your influence in a certain environment, check out what Baldoni has to say.


6. Napoleon Hill

This is the perfect complement to Eker’s book. Needless to say, your thinking patterns severely affect your financial abilities and Napoleon explains how to make it your greatest strength in Think and Grow Rich.


7. Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk has only 3 books and they all have to do with social media marketing. So why are my adding him to this list? Because of his wild energy!

Even if you have no interest in entrepreneurship or marketing on social media, do a little research on Gary Vaynerchuk and soak in some of the guys energy. It will change your life.


8. Stephen R. Covey

Mr. 7 Habits can’t possibly be left off this list. Stephen R. Covey has some amazing things to say about becoming the best possible person you can be. Tap into your greater self through his guidance.


9. Guy Kawasaki

The early Apple employee has gone on to do big things as an entrepreneur. He shares some of the lessons he learned about business and life in the chapters he’s put out into the world.

His humor makes his stories and speeches 10 times better so take a moment to google him if you have not already.


10. Leil Lowndes

Last but not least, Leil Lowndes is an author I feel more people should know about. Her books mainly revolve around the topic of communication and connecting with people.

Her most famous hits How to Talk To Anyone and How to Instantly Connect With Anyone have really helped a lot of people with their people skills.


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